The train ride in India

Stay from the hotel in Varanasi, we go to the railway station. We needed a train to Khajuraho — places where the churches depicted indeed pornography: fragments from the Kama Sutra. Reception Inn where we considered passing on Ganga corpses could not help us, because train tickets booking site muffled hung since last evening. We go to the station. Mommy Dearest! Gypsy caravan seem white soft and fluffy, something that rests on the floor.

Where do you buy tickets? AHA! : send in the detached room booking. Before you buy something in hand, must complete the piece of paper where you specify the direction the final destination, the names and ages of the passengers.

It turns out that train to Khajuraho runs 3 times a week and we unfortunately fell into the day when he doesn’t walk. We advise to go to the main building there are ticketing Bureau specially for tourists. Hike about anything is there book tickets for a few days in advance to advance, but camping is still successful: police somehow smiling slyly offering us tickets without seat, simply planting on the train to the city of Sotna. And from it you to Khajuraho travel 2:00. Like all good, but painfully smiling policeman. Still decide to risk

We are reversing the cashier, there for 30 rupees we buy planting. Then Andrew requested us to the controller, so it confirmed our possible locations. The controller confirms and writes on paper our seats. Yes, everything is fine. Therefore I propose an algorithm of buying train tickets in India: buy a ticket without boarding places. Hop on any free space in the car of this class — what in your plant. Waiting for when it isthe controller and pay him the remainder of the money is for a place

Indian chugunka a bit similar to our couchette cars and at the same time are not similar. I’ll write about those cars, which had a chance to ride: Wagon 3 class AC: this is our passenger wagon, if you add a third bedroom shelf. One “Coupe is intended for 6 persons + 3 seats on the side. That don’t tell our berth is not refundable: humane 4 + 2 side. In the mode of travelling people in single station wagon so concentrated: three + three usually sit on the bottom shelf face each other as in the train. If someone immediately decided to go to sleep — the third shelf digs outboard: usually someone is lying on the top and one on the bottom, lies and where the third — the devil knows where apparently joins the 3 +3 … So it looks like this:

The Middle shelf is used as the backrest of the seat bottom, and the top (third) always in the unfolded State. Conductor carries linens, previously off with him cockroaches (bedsheet, towel and blanket). Linen color grey.

Side space and Coupé hanged with curtains, so that when you enter into a wagon and go through a narrow corridor past the curtains main view in both and not much face of dirty stiletto protruding from behind the curtains. In the same way in the carmade fart and belch why self-control?

In the car have air conditioning, which figachit the cold so that you have to walk in Tambour bask. The conductor sleeps in the vestibule, on a special shelf. In the vestibule on the toilet 2: the one with the obsosannym push, the other with a hole in the floor, such as John. In the vestibule do not close doors on the outside, so that you have to hold onto something to not fly at full speed into the street if the wagon kachnet. You can smoke in the corridor near the toilets, it helps not to sniff the smell of urine.

Meanwhile, the train to Khajuraho stagger along like a turtle, constantly stopping and skipping over the counter formulations. And then another went down such a downpour that seemed that parking in a remote location among some bushes will be eternal. In the meantime, the air conditioning was sold is not a joke and I had to run out into the vestibule to warming. We rode with Oleg in one compartment and Andrei in another wagon is a class above. I went to him, so to warn that through 30 minutes expected our station. I go into his wagon and there all in curtains and it is not clear where to find him. Shalt not push them all and see who lives in the House. Rescued Hindu, AAA … that said, cheering on the Coupe revealed. Look, Andrew sits on a small bench, but instead grandmother rests and sleeps on the bottom shelf. You, Andrew, why Grandma …? Agreed to meet on the platform through 30 minutes, aswill our station. Met and went to town. Taxi drivers came here.