Such different Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic a typical tropical paradise, about the merits of which can be read in any tourist. Advertising you will not disappoint: thousands of coconut palms,pearly white and Golden Sands is in the range, as well as the rare black amber, comprehensive peace of mind and the best escape from the bustle of the city.

True service in the country, too, has a plaque Heavenly traditions local very Cipro and hospitable, but very slow, and any non-standard question puts them at a standstill. The credo of the majority of the local population is the Fiesta (Sun, holiday) and strong friendship for your money. Especially if you are a foreigner. Common in third world countries: you need us because they live better (of course, for our account:If we were not so bad, you wouldn’t be so good!). Therefore, we will make you share … Perhaps with such attitude towards myself experienced all the travelers, and the Dominican Republic in this sense, likely will be no exception.
On the other hand, people who know claim that advantages of living here is much greater than the disadvantages. For example, requisitions in the Dominican Republicare much smaller in magnitude than we have at home, and the bureaucracy is not upertaja: perhaps people under the Southern Sun is easier to look at life. The lack ofnearby hazardous industries, radioactive burial grounds and other delights of civilization makes this place a welcome for all eco-minded citizens. Believe me, most likely, you have already forgotten the taste of real homemade chicken you rememberhim again! You can even say it differently: when you try the local cuisine, you will most likely enjoy it. You will be pleased to have this terribly harmful roast pork, and all sorts of seafood (which, strictly speaking, are not even part of the local traditional food), as well as consume sugary juices and fruits in unusual quantities. And only then, back in the fatherland, you are surprised to find that your ordinary piece of meattasted like plastic bag that grapefruit, it turns out, just pluck the eyes» what kind ofsour, and” honey mango in our latitudes similar in taste nespeluju elovaya lump. This here is disappointing.

Arriving in the Dominican Republic, an inexperienced Europeans can easily get easyculture shock after seeing how standing on the side of the road stands the copier connected to climb up dangling from a tree on a nearby outlet, successfully caters to a wide range of clients.
The capital city of Santo Domingo, looks very modern. And not only looks, but alsoallows live with comfort and pleasure. Ideal if you are living in the Dominican Republic, get your bread from abroad or from successful investments. Because to earn decent money here employed or small business is not a trivial task. And you are likelyto start will have to learn to live as a local.
And that’s who I do not advise you to linger longer in the Dominican Republic couples vacation weeks is youth. Recalling the authoritative opinion of my friend who had to study in a local University for about three years, inform students of the Dominican life: extremely boring! This country can be an excellent option for those who want to rest in the warm sun or enjoy nightly entertainment but here’s a sweepingly forward on life here is unlikely to succeed.