Palolem Beach South Goa reviews

Seventh day in India Agra train drove us to a suburb of New Delhi, where we took a taxi to metrostjejshen New Delhi to start tomorrow morning to the airport by Metro. Tickets are not watched, and not have noticed that our flight company IndiGo went with domestic terminal D1, to which it is necessary to go on Charter bus. Well, while staying in a hotel close to the station (there are a great many of them and throwing the price twice, demonstrating the iPhone open page booking. com list of hotelsnext to our Grand Plaza, we threw things in the room and turning the street went into the restaurant with a promising title Allur.

Listen to Indian music in live performance and looked at how authentic Indian manwalking who continually ordered songs, hurling the musicians centesimal notes (here we had such rates were). And in the morning on Delhi struck a tropical downpour.LILO so that instantly turned into a small river.

There were fears that because of this rain cancelled our flight, but all done and flying on several States of India, through 2:20 after takeoff we have sat in Goa. The weather was wonderful: warm, without rain. Took a taxi and went to the most southern point of Palolem Beach GoaPalolem Beach on the price list published at the airport, taxi costs RS 1200. The road is approximately one hour.

Any thoughts about the hotel was not, therefore, have entrusted the selection of taxi driver. But he brought in some ebenja away from cafes, shops, so I opened Googlemap on iPhone and found a few gestov on the coast. + one SeaGullwe came up: 400 rupees per room with its terrace and a fan inside.


Palolen BeachColva Beach is the Beach Uttarda: the eighth day in India. O God! Night has fallen on me a mosquito net, the room was hot and stuffy, and I said to myself “what the h. .. I am! the last day should be held in a good hotel! “, so after the morning meeting over breakfast we decided to go towards Colva beach. Palolem Beachsad: it lying around cows and cow shit, respectively.


Sand grey, fishermen in the morning pullponjanut network, but damn it is not caught, so as in the song: not growing coconut, Baba theirs don’t give, therefore, all somehow very saddened. But speak Russian cheerfully. Surprisingly where there’s so much travel interpreter that the local population by Mumbles: See silver! Good! Andthe owner of the hotel so the language Minaeva cheerfully card:, Heifer ran showed a finger on an old tourist making a morning jog. This is me Turkey or Egypt recalled. There too the same way local men talking
That sets up a negative twist: we stand at reception, and an employee stands and chats on the phone. Stand a minute, two and already are losing patience. Finally deigned to give the keys and show rooms. Good rooms, overlooking the beach. Try to haggle. But the Manager never stops and Delano is taken again for handset, showing thereby that the conversation is finished. Good agree. Give us the keys to an entirely different numbers. Preliminary look at them — they’re old housing, construction,private musty air and old furniture. View from the window in the trash. What’s the matter? Showed some room, and vparivaete others? But the good thing is that we are independent and free to decision-making and planning their holidays. Give the keysback, sitting in a taxi and go to the next hotel on a map of its title I almost remember: Princess Bulivud something there.
Andrew says: Oh Bolivud should not opozoritsja and should be cool hotel. Not a thing like this. Bolivud meets us ragged rooms, inscrutable frog pool and inscriptions on the Bulletin Board. Apparently these hotels use batch Russian tourists. Simply пипец, some rest here. I imagine that happening here in the morning:Mani! Entertainme. Jogging for breakfast, not disassembled, then around the pool pour store-bought rum bottles of Pepsi Cola in glass, and after lunch, the tour shopping with silver and carpets. Here is the life! You can Ohuet’ from such a life! … While I compose myself — other this situation … We stop at Uttarda Beach in a lovely Hotel Royal Orchid Resort a little potorgovalis’ and we have issued over 6000 rupees two two-bedroom suites + agreed deferred until the only downfall … 16:00. The hotel swimming pool, grill restaurant on the beach, mini golf course, Grand chess, Gim and several guests. Be quiet. The staff were really friendly and helpful. Beautiful territory remaining time we spend in bathing, felting at the poolside. Lunch in a restaurant outside the hotel is on the beach. In the evening dinner in our accompaniment karaoke singer that sings for us. But since we are not in a hurry throw it sotennymi, it pretty quickly and disappointed finishes its concert and there comes the long-awaited silence. Tomorrow in Delhi, overnight and a way home in conclusion: I think a trip to India in Zambia. Totally differently imagined this country. Probably the fault were not very nicepeople from India faced in other countries. In India people smiling and friendly. Look at you with interest and without any threats or collision. I constantly talked aboutcompliments tattu, while children tried to meet and talk in English. Country kind of course, but not such a terrible, what seemed to me. I admittedly haven’t read reports on India, just talking something negative has appeared. So it can be summarized that our acquaintance with India was held and we parted friends.