Kamasutra temples in Khajuraho

KhajurahoAgra: the sixth day in the morning, take a tuk-tuk and drive to the nearest Eastern temple complex. Admission is 250 rupees. But the territory is very tidy, temples are in good condition. Take a stroll along the territory and looking erotic miniatures. Here are some of them:

In General, back in those days people knew a lot about Indian good and varied the trachea. Back and posture prevail group sexual encounter. The temples themselves are somewhat similar in form of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the temples in Thailand:

Territory as mentioned, somewhat reminiscent of English parks by strizhennym bushes and well kept lawn. To explore the temples have 2 hours. Murals occur frequently, so don’t be surprised if you find duplicates from Temple to temple. Inside the temple area for temple dances and altar. I don’t know what was in the room, but at the site exactly danced so light falls, that will be clearly visible dancer. Think of a priestess of the temple were in chocolate.

West temple complex is not so interesting and presented only one temple but valtura (relatively, of course I write about new building) are adherents of kamasutra-women who worship God with great Bared member. To start the fans sing the deities of terrible voices a prayer dedicating her some Callie (remembered immediately one of the Pro series Indiana Jones and stones), and then crack the rice and vegetables for both cheeks after visiting temples and which lasted h 3 we got under the strongest downpour and thanked heaven that does not shed these tons of water on us in the morning. We stood in the way to Agra. To do this, we had to take a taxi to the trainstation of Jhansi. This time we have filed your shiny new Toyotas, slightly similar to the Lexus RX series. The trip is nothing special is not remembered. Except that the first driver visiting every hole in the road, and then realizing that late to bring us to the train vtopil and already OK not dismantling the road. This trip to Agra we carried out just to train in General, about which I wrote in a previous article. It is remarkable that the train was moving at high speed and not stood at traffic lights. In Agra I advance booked a hotel, but when we arrived at the place it turned out that the hotelgroup arrived and there are no seats. The owner agreed with his friends and us for free was taken to another guest house, right next to the western gate is entrance to the Taj Mahal. I can recommend it: location: Hotel Sidhartha, Gate Tajmahal, Agra1web: www.hotelsidhartha.com well, we should go for dinner. Ask annoying Tuk-tukera and he brings in the right place: Indiana restaurant where I encounter forumchaninom mini, which travels to India for a month already. It’s a small world. Morning was the Tajmahal is one of the wonders of the world. We were unlucky with the weather.Morning dawn was hidden by clouds, but still beauty TadzhMahala prevailed over the General paucity of Agra city.

Wow, what feelings experienced the sepoys to his wife that he has assimilated to build such a magnificent Tomb. And here is the mausoleum itself it didn’t manage to build whether budget busted as happened defaulted or simply Maharaja died, but the fact remainsTomb on the other side of the river is represented as not zaveshennogo Foundation and single turrets. Therefore, in the belly of the Taj Mahal stands two tombs. Husband resting beside his wife and rightly so — which run across the river.

Was not eager to resemble the thousands of photographers that circulate the samepictures of the Taj Mahal from the same angle, so a walk on campus-we went to the hotel rooms had passed and went to the train station to the afternoon to arrive in Delhi, where tomorrow we had bought tickets in Goa.