Holidays in the Maldives

Holidays in the Maldives can be named Robinson Crusoe for moneybags. Firstly, the archipelago has over thousands of Islands and islets, most of which are uninhabited.


When the Entourage here more than “Robinson Crusoe style— the primitive charm of simple life in which there is no place for mortgages and inflation, the tropical nature with serene lazorevym Ocean and Salsa dancing coconut palms and a literal lack of civilization around (not counting air conditioned rooms in hotels with all the amenities, but it is so, does not spoil the overall impression). However, such an exclusive order falls fork: flight lasts not less than 9:00 (and cost accordingly) is just to the capital Malé, where, in turn, will need to get to the “homeof the atoll. Among other things, local paradisiacal Tabernacles planted exclusively quads” andpjatjorkami” — nobless, Bon, oblizh so stay will certainly face a tidy sum of money. But if you’re among the romanticshedonists capable without batting an eyelid pull Paul medium cars on an unforgettable holiday in the wonderful beautiful place your way to the Maldives: disappointed nobody has left from here.

For whom
A contingent of campers in the Maldives, however diverse and homogeneous. First and foremost is the jeskejpery” — people like the romantic heroes of works of Shelley, seeking escape from the rest of the world in simple charm of life on Earth. In fact, Maldives time not even slows down its run is completely absent. Lights of large and small, of course, still in turn bear watch on Sky only here the shift days and dates this seems absolutely does not mean, rather akin to your weather events. The impression of a world beyond time and space support and tropical landscapes axiomatic palms and creepers, as well as the whole mass of plants endemic to the amazing Northern eye colors. Even some devoted fans of the Maldivian beauties this time underwaterdivers.
The local underwater world is considered one of the most diverse on the planet, and comfortable weather conditions allow diving even in the most “severe months. And finally, the Maldives is a paradise for those Robinson, who arrive in the company of his own Friday newlyweds, old-timers” and just for lovers. The sides of the lamp of love here contributes quite literally everything: fantasticsunsets, the ocean at night, those Palma with strained between themgamachkami, exotic aromas and a silk white sand.
For whom
What to do
Even if you are not a diver and love not fanatical, Maldives will find you take. Start list otdyhatel’nyh classes, of course, from the principal the purest secluded beaches, the absolute majority of sunny days in a year and the ensuing pleasures: a splash in the transparent water, surrounded by bustling fish, perfect Tan noble chestnutbronze shade and guaranteed a relaxing mood.
In addition, the Maldives have local peculiarities and the above listed classes: for example, Lhaviyani atoll, you can wander through the shallow water among glowing particles miriadov plankton, and the Baa watch for shoals frolicking dolphins. As for beaches, in one of the hotels in ARI atoll each bungalow relies its own Sandy piece of paradise, another personal traditional Dhoni boat ready to take guests anywhere at any time of the day or night. Among other things, the Maldives can accommodate many cute shkatulkami and pletjonymi mats in the national spirit, and take home a couple of cans of canned tuna and not any there, and this ocean, exotic and mal’divianskogo!