Holidays in Dominican Republic

Holidays in the Dominican Republic has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations. White beaches, tropical nature, great opportunities for water sports, excursions in Dominican cities, familiarity with natural attractions, diving and more attract a huge number of people wishing to visit Haiti, the eastern part which just took the Dominican Republic.

Haiti is the second largest island of the Greater Antilles group, which includes countries such as Cuba and Jamaica. Tropical climate characteristic of washed by the Caribbean Sea States dominates here. In the same way as in Cuba, much of the rain fallsfrom May to October. The dry season lasts from November to April. From June to October due to the geographical situation of Haiti can be hurricanes.
Beach vacation
Endless beaches of the Dominican Republic, stretching over a distance of about 400km, washed by the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. The most famous resorts in Punta Cana are considered or Coconut Beach, La Romana, Samana and Juan DOLIO.White sand, clear sea and beautiful viewscompulsory minimum rest. One of the major pluses is the local waters are environmentally safe. Despite a well-developed tourism industry in 2010 year eleven beaches in the Dominican Republic immediately got sort of an international quality mark “blue flag. Big waves and turbulent water is normally in a part of the island, which has an outlet to the Atlantic. The turquoise Caribbean Sea calmer and even sometimes a little warmer. However, the bulk of the beach, solid bottom and muddy water near some often induces campers often favour the ocean shore.

Active sports
Thrill seekers and active pastime in the Dominican Republic come primarily to monitor the rich underwater world. Moreover, Haiti has a unique ability to simultaneouslywatch the inhabitants of ocean and sea. In addition to the inhabitants of coral reefs,you can see the remains of shipwrecks and caves where it is worth to do speleodajvingom.
In a perilous journey on a submarine cave could go only to those who have the appropriate qualifications. Not a certified diver, in a special manner, in accordance with the World Confederation of underwater activities, does not have the right to exercise this kind of immersion.
Also at your disposal there is fishing in the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea on one of the many boats. It is in the Dominican Republic annually hold different competitionson fishing, so that luck may smile to anyone. Rich in all kinds of fish, aquatic wetlands from March to July to please large predatory fishes. From July to September was worth coming for Marlin. End October-beginning time for catching tuna, swordfish,sailfish and mackerel.
Those who do not want to spend long hours with spinning and dive to great depths, can snorkel or go on a Jeep Safari. Sailing, Kiteboarding and windsurfing in the Dominican Republic is for true connoisseurs of sea wind and salt spray. Moreover, if you come here in July and stay in the Bay of Cabarete, you can even participate in amateur competitions held under the auspices of the kiteboarding World Cup. A large part of the local hotels will offer you a choice of necessary equipment. The best time for windsurfing on the North Coast is from December to March. Four waves and lots of fun.
Typically, tourists visiting the Dominican Republic cannot circumvent our attention capital is Santo Domingo. The city was founded in the late 15 century and combines in its architectural appearance of multiple styles. The historic centre is differently called colonial Santo Domingo, is under protection of UNESCO. The Cathedral, the square of culture, monument in the form of a lighthouse in honor of Christopher Columbus (inside his ashes is buried), the National Aquarium and the Park are included in the list of must-see. Depending on the recreational tourist groups also visit Altos deChavon in La Romana, Samana, the Islands Saonu, Katalin and Cayo levantado.
Lovers of natural attractions can go to one of the national parks. Here are a few of them. Reserves Situated, ArmandoBermudez, del Este, Los haitises and the naval reservation and Banco de la Plata protected State territory.
Other entertainment
Resorts in Dominican Republic exceptional feature for golf. Fields in Punta Cana, Bavaro, Macau S.A.R., Puerto Plata, La Romana, Julio DOLIO and other places of the world level. While relaxing on them played two former United States President, Clintonand Bush, and in 2010 year nine sites included in the list of top 50 fields of the Caribbean and Latin America. Local nightlife can’t be called too active, but here there are places for fun. So, there are several casinos in the Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo and other cities.