Holidays in Barcelona

What is a real vacation in Barcelona? Someone from the tourists replied that this rest on the magnificent beaches, the other will argue with him, saying that the best holidays in the Catalan capital is still not beaches and rich excursion program. In its own way, both will be right. However, we do know that the surest motif Barcelona song will catch only one tourist, who can skillfully zamiksovat’ holiday on the beach andfascinating excursions into a single cocktail called an unforgettable trip to Barcelona.


Vacation is usually short, and time to taste all Barcelona beaches, alas, might not be.So we took samples from the popular beaches of Barcelona and are happy to let you know the results.
Sand and Mediterranean Sea for all and especially for the fans to be in the spotlight
Our sightseeing tour of Barcelona Beach will start with the most famous beach of the Catalan capital — from Barceloneta Beach (Barseloneta). This beach is an excellent place for active recreation and interesting dialogue.
Barceloneta beach can rightly be called a center of tourist concentration. Visitors from all over the world, and the locals, incidentally, also, not coincidentally give preference to him he is the longest, widest and hospitable. The beach is equipped with rescue towers, showers, sports courts and toilets. In a special centre, located on the beach, you can hire Barseloneta rent beach chairs and umbrellas and other beach equipment. For rest here.
With food in Barceloneta problems with tourists does not occur place does not lack in the number of restaurants and bars. In addition, the beach walk street vendors, mostly Arabs, offering to buy from them mineral water, beer, cigarettes and varioussnacks. So hungry you are unlikely to stay. However, when dealing with beach sellers, beware there is a risk to remain without valuables.
By the way, rescuers throughout the Barcelona coast operate only to 19:00,however, at the same time close their doors and toilets. So better be given to Sun and sea up to this time, which, of course, and is safer and more convenient.
Get to Barceloneta beach of the Center on foot, spending on the road about 20 minutes on land transport go to the beach, numerous buses and tram T4 or by Metro. Exit the Metro station Barseloneta or Vila Olimpika.
Beach, equipped for people with disabilities
The beach of Sant Sebastiá, adjacent to beach Barseloneta on the northern border, from the rest of the beaches in Barcelona has a good arrangement for people with disabilities: there is allocated parking, comfortable shower and toilet, elevator and tracks in the sand. On the beach of Sant Sebastiá tourists a little rest here mainlylocals.
Nearest metro station is Barseloneta.
The ideal place for a family holiday by the water
A small and quiet beach Nova Icaria is located immediately behind the Olympic port, separating him from the beaches of Sant Sebastiá and Barseloneta, and thereby continues the line of the Barcelona beaches. Nova Icaria Beach in addition to standard equipment, has two good volleyball courts, ping pong table and a place for children to play. Nova Icaria Beach is ideal for families with children.
Nearest metro stationBogatell or Ciutadella.
The beach is suitable for fans of tranquility and nature
Bogatell beach is the next link after Nova Icaria in the coastal chain, beginning withSant Sebastiá. Bogatell, perhaps the only Barcelona Beach, where vacationers can feel in nature. This effect is created by the Park, which separates the beach from the living quarters.
Nearest metro station is Poblenou and Llacuna.
A paradise for young people, nudists and lovers of water sports
The relaxed atmosphere at the beach of Mar Bella. Right on its territory, though, covering themselves from prying eyes by bamboo thickets, a nudist beach, by the way,only in Barcelona with official status. Immediately, the Mar Bella Beach, take away the soul of the lovers of kayaking, windsurfing and sports catamarans. Regular guests of the beach are scooters, cyclists, beach volleyball players and just the representatives of gay youth. By the way, bars and restaurants, the Mar Bella is not particularly rich, but alternatively can offer vacationers to organize a picnic in the Park, located a stone’s throw away from him.
Nearest metro station is Selva de Mar.
A place for women’s bikinisparties
Beach Nova Mar Bella Beach, the latter route, collects on its sands charming ladies.Hunters for female beauty it is worth considering what all the girls are going to do in this place. May, where the Sun gives them a bronze Tan in the world, or in the seawater, not champagne, but maybe there are handing out free chocolate …
Nearest metro station is Selva de Mar or El Maresme.
For reference. The cost of renting beach equipment at all beaches approximately the same: lounge chairs-6 EUR, umbrella-5 EUR.
So, think of the beach you have noticed. Now let’s deal with such plan.
Barcelona excursion absolutely for all
Of course, Barcelona astounds the plethora of cultural monuments, museums, historical sites and other attractions. I want to see masterpieces by Picasso and Gaudi’s creations, the naval history of the case and with the history of FC Barcelona, visit the Ramblas Boulevard and on Passeig de Gracia.
However, the first acquaintance with Barcelona is best to commit during the reviewthe bus tour. Tourist routes run in such a way that the cover most places of worshipin the Catalan capital: the main artery of the city and located on these famous buildings, the Plaza de España and Plaza Catalunya, Montjuic mountain and the Gothic quarter, the Cathedral and the Temple of the Sagrada Familia. The main sights of Barcelona the buses make stops, during which you can stroll around the famous streets or visit museums. Sightseeing buses are equipped with a modern guide-system for 10 languages, including Russian.
Urban bus services travel in Barcelona offer two competing firms Barcelona Bus Turistic and Barcelona City Tour. The cost of a one-day excursions for adults — 28 EUR (EUR 16,-for children from 4 to 12 years), the value of the two-day, more extended-39 EUR (20 EUR-for children from 4 to 12 years).
You can catch bus in several places of the city, but perhaps one of the most populartours start point is Plaça Catalunya. The beginning of the movement of buses in 9:00 hours, finishing in 20:00 in the summer and winter 19:00.
At the time of the expressdating to Barcelona you will be able to tick the most interesting places for you and the next day to visit them separately.
Being the capital of Catalunya, will make two main cases: immerse yourself in the cultural atmosphere of this truly magnificent city and appreciate his wonderful Mediterranean beaches.