History Of Barcelona

Barcelona is a very ancient city, rich in heroic events of history. For supremacy over it for several thousand years fought different peoples, but it is often from this only won.

According to legend, the founder of Hamilcar Barca, is considered Barcelona’s father, the legendary Commander Hannibal. Although archaeologists believe that this place was a settlement already before, and Barca could only regain it, as exemplified byanother legend according to which exactly at this place built his city legendary Heracles.


Probably, Borsina (namely so was originally called this city) and remained a small village, if the Romans conquered the territory of modern Spain. It is the Roman rulers contributed to the development of the city, during their reign the town wall was built, and also quite original way broken city’s streets as they extend from the sea to the mountains, from which the perpendicular city plan is very reminiscent of the Board game of chess. The Romans turned Barcelona into a fairly busy port, which led tothe rapid growth of the city. In General, they have greatly expanded the city boundaries.
With the arrival on Earth of the Iberian Peninsula the German tribe of Visigoths 530ies of ours, Borsina was renamed their lad in Barcelona and even became the capital true, just for a couple of decades. Then the town was captured by the Arabs, nearly destroying it. Their reign lasted for almost a hundred years, but they ultimately could not resist the army of Louis the pious.
According to legend (recognized by historians totally untenable that, however, doesnot spoil it) it was then and there was the flag of Cataloniafour red stripes on a yellow background. Louis the Pious came into the tent and fought bravely in the battleseriously injured Wilfried Hairy and saw him shield, gold plated and without coat of arms, fingers dipped in the blood of Wilfried and held it.
To 878 the city finally attains freedom. It was during this period that Barcelona maximized bounds of its possession and survived times of greatest dawn, being one of the most important counties throughout the old world. It was then that Barcelona has become the capital of Catalonia.
For a long time, here was the Royal residence, and here came a poor but plucky Navigator Columbus, to ask Queen sponsorship to outfit his expedition, and here in Barcelona, the traveller has the opportunity to make its legendary swimming in America. But thus Columbus can say, indirectly led to the decline of the mighty city, he discovered a new sea route, resulting in maritime trade had shifted from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. Catalonia (and Barcelona in particular) was expelled from world trade and future Spanish capital became, on the contrary, evolve and prosper accelerated tempo.
Former power and glory of Barcelona was able to gain only at the beginning of the last century, and in this city, XXV Olympic Games helped his transformation.