Dive safaris on Maldives

This article completely without lyrics, it would be difficult to do, because it will be a relatively new product for the Russian market of cruises in the Maldives. Of course, local divers 10 years already knows that the best holidays in the Maldives is on boardthe yacht, but that’s up to the rest of the campers that thought became gradually reached.

Dive safaris on Maldives proved so brilliant opportunity to have fun and see all the beauty of the archipelago that maskoplavateli and simple tourists“, it seemsin the near future will start cramping their divers on boats! Why we will discuss with you in this article. I must say, it will be not at all on the ten-storey liners, and a relatively small and cosy tourist yachts at 1622 places that bring in trip romance of Yachting trip in a small company and at the same time retain the advantages of ease of booking: fixed daily rates include all standard amenities. And no surcharges as in the hotel.


The essence of the cruise
Than Safari (or cruise) differs from the rest in Maldivian hotel? The two main points.The first is the ability to really discover the beauty of the archipelago, not one island500 to 300 meters, where already on the third day you know each and every Pebbleon the beach. Just imagine: a deck chair on the sun deck, Jacuzzi or have a comfortable chair in the shade, cocktail in hand, sea breeze waves coursing through the skinand by pass, bewitching colours, Maldives is small and more, with and without Emerald Palm hats framed by white sand beaches and sparkling sun glare turquoise lagoons, like gems, spilled from an awkward movement of God’s hands.

The second advantage: in a week-long cruise programme totally without surchargesincludes a whole range of additional services, allowing a deeper dive into the Maldives coloring and make the rest more vivid and memorable: visit inhabited islands, night barbeque on a deserted island in Robinson Crusoe style, night fishing, dinner, cooking sashimi, excursion in Malé on the day of departure, not to mention diving or swimming and snorkelling on different reefs. And you know what else? On cruises is not necessarily book single! When booking the half doubles are guaranteed accommodation with tourist of the same sex, and if there is no settlement, the tourist will stay one without any extra charge! And it’s not all pros. But let’s go step by step.
Myths about Safari
Discuss immediately those mythological horrors which does almost every potentialparty cruise.
The first myth: seasick
Firstly, marine disease suffers not all humanity. Of course, Sea cruise is not a good idea for those who are severely affected by this scourge, but all the rest are usually perfectly carry Marines. In addition, yachts in the Maldives are moved inside the archipelago (between atolls) and even within the atolls (the Islands), which leaves them securely protected from serious ocean waves and possible pitching. Doubters can stock up on drugs from motion sickness like “Aviamorja” orDraminy“.
The second myth: there are boring
Maldives diving Safari are available every possible entertainment that is only in the Maldivian hotel! And even a little bit more, given the daily changing picture before my eyes and the opportunity to attend a variety of Islands. In addition, set daily routine helps even the most lazy tourists break away from sunbeds and get more vivid impressions from his vacation.
The third myth: it is expensive
The cost of the dive Safari traveller will find below the cost of holiday with diving inMaldives Hotel similar categories. For the average vacationer it would be about the same. All additional pluses and minuses we will discuss shortly.
Ocean Hotel
What is a modern yacht? Typically, this four- long boat 3039 meters is approximately 1114 floors as normal Panel House, to make it easier to imagine. On the lowerfloor are cabins. In each always have individually controlled air conditioning, bedside table and shelf for storing things, beds and a bathroom, window, or even the fullwindow. There are cabins with one double bed, two single beds or with one double bed plus one single bed that allows you to use the cabin as for couples, and two men (not lovers, at least not with each other), or settle there family with a child. In older versions of cabin single bed can be placed on double (similar to beds in the train),but on modern yachts, such linking is no longer foundall beds are on the floor. The bathroom always have a washbasin, a toilet and shower with hot water. Depending on the yacht in the cabins can be a tv and DVD player, mini bar, telephone, stereo system, safe, full bathroom and even a massage shower, sauna and jacuzzi.
On the second floor yachts, is located on the main deck space for outdoor recreation (fore or aft), kitchen and Wardroom. Wardroom is the main salon, where there is a restaurant, bar and lounge area with sofas and a large LCD tv. It is possible — even with a library, board games, karaoke, game consoles, Internet access, equipment for discos.
On the third floor of the yacht , upper deck, usually are elevated cabins category (Deluxe “orsuites “), Spa room, sun deck. The entire fourth floor is given under the sunny deck, part of which could be protected from the hot rays of tropical sunlight. There’s also usually a Jacuzzi. Still aboard the yacht can be a sauna and a shop.
Feeding Yachtingbuffet. Of course, the number of dishes to choose from will be smaller than the hotel’s five-star restaurant (though always sufficient), but you can always ask the cooks to prepare something specific or just suggestions for the menu. Sometimes even our divers are taught to local chefs cook scrambled eggs and Borsch,tired from fresh seafood or succumbing to nostalgia for their native cuisine. On board always hangs a huge branch of bananas, gradually maturing during the cruise, there are biscuits, snacks and 24-hour access to tea, coffee and drinking water: it is an integral part of the full Board on a yacht. Alcohol is available for an additional fee, but he often yacht costs less than in hotels and, in addition, a common practice of buying bottled and even pre-order your desired alcohol brands in the right quantity.
By the way, for each yacht is always followed by two accompanying boats: small boatdinghy punt“, where the crew enters the village for fresh fish or a lot of tourists to the Islands and beaches, and large boat Doni“, where all liveaboard outfit that brings divers and maskoplavatelej to the reef and is also convenient for fishing. Throughout most of modern Doni has its own sun deck, shower and toilet, so it is a very convenient base for snorkeling over the reefs, while divers commit their dives.