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What is Spain? Beach vacation? Amazing bullfighting, passionate Flamenco or Ibizamadness? Maybe the best in world football? Or maybe it’s a dream?


Led by a dream, I went on a tourist voucher on the Costa Daurada, having a clear intention to enjoy an abundance of seafood products, Sun, sea and other delights is familiar to the average tourist holiday. I have to say that for me, this dream became a reality, but literally touch,” catch the dream for a tail, I happened to be in Barcelona. Arriving first by train to Barcelona Sants station, continue to Plaza España, welcoming us two 47-foot replicas of the kampanily with the Venice Piazza San Marco. Here begins the Queen Mary AvenueChristine, misleading to giant stairs to the Hill. The central place occupies the magic fountain Avenue: dancing to the beat of the music of the water jet with electric lighting. The greatness of the National Museum, to which brings prospect suggests thoughts of past centuries, their uniqueness and immeasurable value for the modern world, most of the “masterpieceswhich is stored electronically and wonder how will be transmitted to descendants.
Close to the University of Barcelona. In his lovely garden, in the shade of the trees, you can inadvertently lose a lot of time watching the adorable multi-colored fish in artificial ponds. The University is very close to Plaza Catalunya is the heart of the city,where several Metro and railway sidings. There is also a Football Club official shopBarca“, where you can buy a couple of caps and t-shirts with symbols of the Club.
From Plaça Catalunya down to the sea on the most famous street of Barcelona, La Rambla. By clicking on it, you understand why Maugham called this place the most beautiful Street in the world! Each part of it lives its own history. Without Las Ramblas, the city was deprived of shades a certain frivolity. Many Street restaurants and hotels adjoins there with souvenir shops and street performers. For a modest remuneration, abandoned in a makeshift piggy bank on this Street will revive the Picasso statue, Aphrodite, clowns and even gilded stone rack Street thieves.
Talk about Barcelona you can endlessly and will still be a little. This is a city thatwants to come back.
It has everything to interest everyone, everything is done for the convenience of the people. Happy absence of parked cars on the street. They are all underground! Heresome unimaginable way combines urban landscapes and monuments from past centuries, especially the creations of Antonio Gaudi.
Describe his masterpieces is not enough any words: it’s really a must see. In its buildings there is something mystical, as in the history of the great architect, miracle survivor under the yoke of a serious illness, doomed to loneliness, but proslyvshego genius and attached to the Saints. The most surprising of his creation is the Sagrada Familia, the construction of which Gaudi devoted 37 years of life. Construction was carried out solely on donations of townspeople and Gaudí often walked the streets with a mug for handouts: it was for him a kind of Ministry.
Mad and brilliant, Antonio Gaudi did not recognize the correct forms: in his works has not been nary a right angle, he designed in intricate curved contours. He considered ideal egg! Claimed that it is lasting, that only can be, and has always been with you in your pocket.